Saturday, March 28, 2009


We finally had a nice amount of snow this week (enough that J missed 1 1/2 days of work). We did the normal "play in the snow with your kids" things. We rode the sled, built a snowman, stomped around the backyard, repositioned gloves on cold little hands, and picked up fallen babies who's legs were just too short to walk in the deep powder.

Then J began building an igloo. The conditions of our snow storm were such that there were several inches of soft snow, topped with about 2 inches of crunchy, icy snow. If you carefully lifted the top layer, you could come away with some nice "block" to build igloo walls.

I was, roof, door opening, supported with broom handles, and all constructed after "the sky got dark" (as Caroline was saying!). But alas, even such fine engineering is no match for the warm sun, and our igloo is now a heap of crunchy snow on our back lawn.

So to keep that cool feeling just a little longer, here are a few etsy inspirations. Spring will come soon enough, but I'm not ready quite yet.My Little Snow Boots by hipknots
Ice Ice Baby earrings by sleepingcatbeads
Berry Ring by thepebblecollection
Snow Poppies by cultivar
Little Chickadee by naturemandalas
Chocolate Snow Cookies by onesweetday

(found searching for "ice" and "snow". Searching igloo didn't give me quite what I was looking for!)

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