Thursday, February 26, 2009


Caroline and Grayson have started taking swimming lessons, and I'm very impressed!
I'm also having a laughing fit because those goggles, swim cap and flippers are just too much.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

office (not studio)

We have recently converted our tiny guest room into an office.

I can't bring myself to call it a studio...I just don't really consider myself to be an "artist", and isn't a studio for art?

Everything in the room serves dual purposes:
Sleeper sofa = seating + sleeping
filing cabinet = document storage + bedside table
closet = storing linens + printers
folding table = laptop + paper cutting surface
bookcases = Peony Paperie storage + extra books + John's PE exam stuff
(wow! 3 functions for that one! although I would like the space all those books take up.)

We've searched high an low for the perfect solution. One that allows the room to EASILY function as a guest room when our family or friends come to visit. I don't want our parents to have ANY excuse not to come play with their grand kids! "Michelle makes us sleep in the living room on the floor" is NOT an option! Of course, they're so wonderful, they WOULD sleep on the floor, but anyway...

But the room must also provide a place for my ever growing pile of stationery paper, envelopes, mailers, printers, paper cutters, etc. And also provide a work space, that is self contained. The office/guest room was the best choice. The door can be shut to contain my messes, and I'm not stuck in the cold basement. It also keeps my projects from being spread out all over the kitchen counters, which I had been doing.

So, we bought some bookshelves from Target, and some great (cheap) photo storage boxes for envelopes, scissors, ribbon, gift boxes, and receipts.

I ordered some custom curtains from Avec Dieu Couture (another etsy seller) and they are WONDERFUL. A beautiful, yet fun, orange and cream damask fabric by Joel Dewberry.
And throw pillows for the sofa in a coordinating aviary fabric in orange, taupe, and dark brown.
I still need great paper storage solutions (an upcoming post teaser!) and a cover for my card table, but the room is really coming together. It's comfortable to work here (although I'm writing this post from my bed!) and so far everything has a place.

Now, if you stuck with me through that ENTIRE post...a big thank you...and some pictures!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Doing the Hustle

In April, I will be participating in the Hopscotch Hustle, here in Denver. An event, for parents and kids (really anyone, I guess) that will support local Denver organization, WeeCycle.

No, I will NOT be strutting anything on the runway, but Peony Paperie will have a booth set up in the "merchandise market" and will have a little something in the silent auction.
WeeCycle is an organization that provides new and gently used baby gear to low income families in the Denver metro area, free of charge. If you live in Denver, you can find info on their drop off locations for donating baby gear here. You can also buy tickets to attend the Hopscotch Hustle on their site.
I will post updates here on the products I will be selling (after I decide!) and will probably be asking for help on designing my booth. Hope it's all a success!

Monday, February 16, 2009


An etsy order from Tiffany M (tm) pushed me over the edge.
In a good way.
Tiffany's order was my 100th etsy sale!
Thanks tm! It was a wonderful order to fill! Enjoy!
I've been selling on Etsy since mid October, 2008. It's been less than 4 months, and it's been great.
Sorry for the HORRIBLE pictures, but I took them last night right before I packaged up her order and got it in the mail.

Friday, February 13, 2009

etsy as in "betsy"

I've been pronouncing Etsy as "eat-sy"

Much to my dismay, I discover that the Etsy founders say "et-sy" as in "betsy".

In response to my oops, my husband says,
"At least you've been spelling it the right way!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

new Peony Paperie colors

This is the direction I'm heading for my stationery shop, Peony Paperie. I've ordered envelopes, and now have to complete my new designs to complement. I really enjoy working on the notecards, although calling cards and business cards have been the majority of my business up to now. So, I think my focus will shift to notecards, but I will keep some calling cards in the mix as well.

So..the question is...What are your thoughts about this color scheme?
Any colors I'm missing? Any colors I should remove? Anything make your stomach churn at the sight? make your heart flip?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Big 2!

Happy Birthday, my dude!
Wish I knew how to photoshop those cheetos off your face!
May year three be just as wonderful as the first two.
Love, Mama

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hannah Note Cards

The newest item in my shop! Printed on my new Epson Stylus Photo 1400.

New Direction

I've just started this blog, as a place to share creative inspirations, new designs, feature other artists, host contests, and possibly to share something funny about my kids.

I also hope to learn a lot about the same things (inspiration, design, other artists, and parenting) from those who find this blog (and hopefully comment)!

I'm a stay at home mom of 2 kids (girl-3, boy-2 tomorrow!). We fill our time with preschool, swimming lessons, Bible Study, and especially NAPS! When I have a spare moment, my newest interest is paper and stationery.

I started selling stationery and calling cards in my etsy shop, Peony Paperie, back in October 2008. The fact that people are buying my things has forced me into making a lot of business & paper related decisions. This blog will be a place to work through some of those choices, and hopefully get some good feedback.

If you've found this blog through my etsy shop, thank you for stopping by, and please leave some valuable advice for me! If you are a Peony Paperie customer...THANK YOU for your business. I'd love to hear what you think! If you are a family member or friend, your comments are especially welcome, but no..that picture of the kids running around the backyard naked won't be posted here!