Monday, April 6, 2009

Heather Hippo

Tonight John and I are going on a date to meet Heather Armstrong, and hear her read a portion of her new book, It Sucked and Then I Cried.

We're excited to get out for the night. We actually hired a babysitter. I unlikely! She'll even be here long enough for us to have dinner beforehand, and get some coffee at the bookstore to sip during the reading. Although, Heather (if anything in person like her writing) could turn out to be very funny...and I'd hate to spit hot coffee all over John, or her 7 month pregnant belly.

But I must admit, I haven't read the new book. My usual standby, the local library, hasn't quite come through for me this time. They have ordered 4 of her books, and I'm third on the list, but I guess they don't have them yet. So I'll be going tonight, but I'll be the girl who was too cheap to actually PURCHASE the book, and thus should probably keep my mouth shut.

I thought maybe some hippo notecards from Peony Paperie would make up for the fact that I didn't read the book (I mean...come just was released last week). On her website, Heather speaks often of her love for hippos. Maybe these will help if she *gasp* actually asks me if I read the book. I'll just hand over the notecards and say..oohh...shiny...hippos.

Here are some more etsy hippos for inspiration.

Pocket Wallet by DearSukie
Hippo Studs by LindaLindaLinda
Stripes and Hippo Clutch Purse by freshlybakedjen
Fabric Covered Button Hair Tie & Pin by pinkypig
Hippo by tinywarbler
Little Hippo by oopsthatsart

UPDATE: John bought me the book and we had a nice evening out! Book is funny, and great for those who are past the baby and pregnancy wouldn't get it otherwise!

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