Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Etsy is hosting their 2nd Annual Yart Sale.

{I know spell check is going to be so frustrated with me after this post.}

It's an Artistic Slant to a traditional Yard Sale:
Yard + Art = YART

{You can read more about the sale here.}

So, of course, I'm participating. I've listed a slew of non-personalized cards I printed up a few months back for the craft show I attended. The product I had left over has just been sitting in a box in my office, waiting for the right opportunity.

I've really slashed the prices on these items, since they aren't personalized, are smaller quantities, or on a lighter cardstock than I use now. But I would personally send an note to ANYONE on ANY of these!
Check out my yart sale section here.

And there are hundreds...maybe thousands of other etsy-ers selling in this great yart sale. Last I checked, there were over 25,000 items marked down and labeled YART. (just search YART from Cocoon by beachwalkphoto, Gold Teardrop Earring by alanajoy, Mini Scallop Oval Tags by papertivity, Handmade YoYo hair accessory by littlestboutique, Tea Party Play Food by craftyanna, Roll.n.Go crayons by lilBdesigns

You can also see some of my designs featured on these blogs:
the little pink needle
paper cakes finds

Happy Yart Sale-ing

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