Sunday, May 3, 2009


It's springtime...or at least it SHOULD be.

Weather in Denver is NEVER what you'd expect.
But, since it's at least springTIME (if not springWEATHER) we've been seeing our fair share of bunnies.
First, we visited Tagawa Gardens, when a bunny adoption agency brought out bunnies to hug and love.
I think their adoption requirements are almost as difficult as adopting a child (home visits, classes, background checks, etc.).
Then, after 16+ inches of snow... we found this in our basement window well:

It would take me pages and pages to describe the adventures with this TINY bunny in our basement.
...chasing it around the basement
...trying to keep in in a box
...chasing it around the basement, again
...letting it go
...watching it jump BACK in the window well
...leaving it's box, food and water in the window well (since it clearly WANTED to be there!)
...chasing it around the basement, time 3
...not telling the children it D.I.E.D after 2 nights eating celery and sleeping under a towel.
..."releasing" the bunny in the know, to go back to it's mommy.
...feeling horrible that we're just THAT BAD at caring for animals
So, here are some cute bunny ideas for spring. No chasing this bunny out from behind boxes in the basement! Just cute, all the time!

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