Thursday, May 21, 2009

heatherty featherty

Awhile back, Heather ordered some calling cards from me.

When she came to me recently, looking for business cards for her new etsy shop,
we worked out this trade. She made this adorable dress for Caroline...
And I will make her some cards!

Right now she is having a contest on her blog. She's looking for help with a tag line for her shop. (mine is "personalized papers"). If you win, she'll make any custom sewing project for you! Think dress for your little princess, superhero cape for your boy, or a bag for yourself.

Let me know if you enter!

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  1. Heather's creations are so incredibly amazing! My daughter has several HeathertyFeatherty dresses, pants and outfits. I also have a couple of HeathertyFeatherty skirts. And both my kids have superhero capes. We <3 HeathertyFeatherty.


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